Quinceañera Speech

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As I roll down the window, I felt the breeze gently touching my left cheek as I smell the amazing scent of pine trees. I really can't believe that the day has finally come, the day when I celebrate my quinceañera. Quinceañera is an important event in the Hispanic community and it’s when a 15 year old girl turns into a woman. My godfather finally hit the brakes on the mini white Toyota truck and said “we’re finally here.” I open the door and set a foot on the ground, the look of astonishment has plastered into my face. “This is perfect!!” There was a 12 feet marble statue of Jesus Christ standing right in the center of El Picacho, Tegucigalpa, Honduras. As I was putting on the lengthy yet beautiful yellow dress that my 19 year old cousin had…show more content…
My grandma said very powerfully, “Aqui esta la quinceañera!” (Here is the birthday girl) All the family stopped dancing, turn around and focus their eyes on me. “You’re so beautiful! Look at the birthday girl!”, exclaimed everyone. I blush out of embarrassment and my dad ask me for a dance, I gladly accepted it. My dad guided me throughout the whole dance since I’m a clumsy dancer. Then, I told everyone that I’m ready to cut the cake. My whole family gather around me and my mom place the candles on the cake. A lot of emotions run through me as they started singing “Happy Birthday” to me. Everyone cheered and clapped as I blew out the candles. An enormous pile of presents of different sizes were place on a rectangular table. One by one, I open the gifts. Clothes, posters, shoes, etc. I thanked everyone and I thought on my mind, it wasn’t necessary to buy gifts for me. The party continue till 6PM. It was time to say our goodbyes and clean up. I looked up and notice the lovely stars on the sky. “Sofia!”, I heard someone calling my name as I look around. “Sofia, es hora de irnos para la casa.” (It’s time to go home) said my mom as she gets inside of the vehicle. I ran toward the car and got
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