Quinceanera Research Paper

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The definition of a quinceanera is the celebration of a girls fifteenth birthday and her transition from childhood to adulthood. Todays celebrations show the importance of family, your religion, and social responsibility. The main customs to a quinceanera is God, family, friends, dance, music, and food. Today some families throw a quinceanera for a girl 's sweet sixteen and not only do they celebrate the normal customs, but they can make up their own ideas and ways to celebrate. This celebration takes place in countries such as Cuba, South America, Central America, and Mexico and they also call it different many names: such as quinces, Anos, a Fiesta Rosa, and obviously a Quinceanera. It is usually held in the girl 's home or at a rented…show more content…
If the Court of Honor is filled with all girls then it is considered a “Damas”. If the Court of Honor is full of all men then it can be called a “Galan”,” Escortes”, or “Chambelanes”. The Court will either wear gowns or tuxes while the Quinceanera wears a ball gown. The guest at the party will usually receive some type of gift from the celebration. The Quinceanera will normally get a Scepter, a prayer book or Bible, medal or cross, and a tiara. If the person in charge of the Quinceanera is willing to go all out for the girl then they will include accessories such as guest favors, ceremony pillows, photo album, reception cards, champagne glasses, guest book, The Last Doll, cake decoration, cake server set, and a flower bouquet. Many traditions go on throughout the night of the Quinceanera. One of the most popular ones is when a man closest to the girl changes her shoe from a flat shoe to an high heel which represents the changing of her from a child to a mature lady. This celebration is known as the “Changing of the Shoe”. During the reception the Quinceanera receives a toast and then the guest go up to her and wish her good luck and their best wishes. So in the end, a Quinceanera is basically a huge celebration for a young girl who is arriving into adulthood and is almost like a wedding without a
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