Margo's Quintin-Personal Narrative

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Quintin is a round, dynamic character that goes on a life changing adventure to find his friend Margo. Quintin is a shy nerdy guy who doesn’t care much about school or the people in the school. He also doesn’t care much about the prom at the school. What changes everything for Quintin is the night Margo comes to his bedroom window, and asks for a favor to borrow his car. The car is technically Quintin’s, because he has the keys to it. Though his mom drives it, and not him. That night Margo and Quentin go on an adventure of revenge of Margo’s friends. They go to walmart and buy things such as fish, spray cans, wheel boot, and other things. Margo’s boyfriend had been cheating on her for quite a while, and nobody told her until she found out.…show more content…
They had also just drove around for the rest of the evening. At about 4 a.m is when they got home. Margo thanked Quintin for going on this adventure with here basically all night. The next morning Quintin had gone to school feeling very tired since he had only gotten about 2 or so hours of sleep. When Quentin had gotten to school he didn’t see Margo’s car parked in her parking spot. He then thought she is probably tired and will come to school later, or maybe not come to school the whole day. When quentin walked the hallways he also remembered to look around for Margo, but she was nowhere to be found in school. Quentin then just thought she was ditching for the day, since she is probably very tired. Then the next day came around Quentin still had not seen Margo at school, and then another day went by still no Margo anywhere. Then Margo being gone about a week, her parents with some investigator came to Quentin’s house asking him and her parents information about Margo such as when was the last time you saw her? Her parents came to Quentin, because that night when Margo snuck out with Quentin her dad had seen her go to his window at night. That makes Quentin the last person to be seen with Margo before she disappeared. Margo’s parents were obviously not too worried since they had said this is not the first time Margo has left home, yet she returns every time. Quentin then went to Margo’s bedroom with his friends to find clues to where she might have gone. They used newspapers she had in her room, and other objects. They then found enough clues, and Quentin felt like Margo left all of those clues for him on purpose, because she wanted to be found by him. Quentin then goes to different states to try to find Margo along with his friends. Quentin remembers the adventure he had with Margo, and all of her secrets and tricks. Margo did change Quentin, because she helped him see what adventures are and how fun

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