Quo Vadis Analysis

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Quo Vadis is taken place in 1st Century Rome. Even after the crucifixion of Jesus, Rome failed to completely believe. However, the disciples of this time are great role models for the Christians today. Sometimes situations are thrown at us in which are a hesitant to handle. We can always refer back to the Christians during this time for guidance. Marcus is the perfect representation of new Christians or people who are experiencing confusion. Although in the end we discover that he is a protagonist, in the beginning marcus was perceived to be a selfish man. He originally judge Lygia for believing in what he thought was nonsense. An specific example would be when Lygia mentions God being in her heart and Marcus telling her to replace God with him. He conveyed confusions when he treated as a regular man. He shows that believing in Christianity isn’t…show more content…
An example is when all the christians were being put in the stadium to be fed by lions. When the people started singing, it not only irritated Nero due to his love for singing, but it revealed the strength that the christians had. It was a peaceful sign of protest which resembles the way that Jesus lived on earth. He caused no harm while spreading the religion. As Christians today, we must remember this event. In our time there are lots of theology confusion which causes war and violence. Christians during the 1st century proved that there is a way to sustain their religion without chaos. In addition to the support of Jesus, the Christians created the sign of the fish. The symbol represented ichthus which means Jesus Christ God’s Son Savior. This Christians in the 1st century drew half of the picture and the other finishes it. This was a secret way of indicating if a person was Christian. We can learn from this today by remembering that there are other ways of communicating faith even in situations where they are
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