Quos In 'Act One Of The Play John Proctor'

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In Act One of the play John Proctor says “Proctor: No more! I should have roared you down when first you told me your suspicion. But I wilted, and, like a Christian, I confessed. Confessed! Some dream I had must have mistaken you for God that day. But you 're not, you 're not, and let you remember it! Let you look sometimes for the goodness in me, and judge me not. (Act 1 page 55).” I chose this quote as my first quote to represent John Proctor because like he said in this quote, he just wants to be seen as a good man. He does not want to be judged because of his actions. In the play Proctor had an affair with Abigail Williams. He knows it was wrong and he regrets it, but he can not take it back and he does not want to be judged for it. This was a big part in the play and so I felt that it had some insight into Proctor’s life. Abigail Williams lies a lot in this play and she gets the other young girl girls that were caught in the forest to lie with her. Although John Proctor does not buy into their story. He knows Abigail very well and he says “Proctor, his voice about to break, and his shame great: In the proper place—where my beasts are bedded. On the last night of my joy, some eight months past. She used to serve me in my house, sir. (He has to clamp his jaw to keep from weeping.) A man may think God sleeps, but God sees everything, I know it now. I beg you, sir, I beg you—see her what she is. My wife, my dear good wife, took this girl soon after, sir, and put her out on
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