Nelson Mandela Reflection

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Nelson Mandela was a person who cannot be forgotten to be one of the greatest leaders in history. Nelson Mandela was a great leader who was admired by many for his beliefs in peace, unity and the values of what was important to others. His quote: “It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership.” This quote means many different things to different people. But how does this quote relate to me being a leader? Well, this quote resonates with me the most because of the amount of truth it has, it talks about being a leader and how leaders treat others when they are in that position. Nelson Mandela’s quote shows that a leader is selfless, fearless, and a person who is supportive of others. Leaders are selfless. Being a selfless person is a person who puts others desires or wishes before themselves. With this quote, it shows that leaders are selfless because it interprets that a leader must step back when a group or an organization is celebrating something that will happen positively.…show more content…
Being supportive towards others ties everything together because of the amount of selflessness, and the amount of fearless they show. And as a leader, I’ve always shown my support for others. For example, as in the council, I’ve shown my support by being available to my council members when they need my help and let them grow independently. This corresponds to being supportive because I knew that helping them too much will not be considered support, but giving my time when they need help will support them in growing into their own person. In conclusion, Nelson Mandela’s quote resonates me the most of being a leader because of the traits that I believe I have, which is being selfless, fearless, and a person who supports everyone. I genuinely feel that it has shaped me to be the type of leader I am
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