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Are Benedick and Beatrice the Ideal Couple?

Beatrice and Benedick are the ideal couple, I will be explain them in four different quotes why they are. Also, by their attitude towards love and their romance is more satisfying than Claudio and Hero’s. How they get tricked into confessing their love to each other by the help of their friends and family.

In Act II, Prince and Leonato and Claudio are going to trick Benedick into thinking that Beatrice loves him. Prince says to Leonato “Come hither, Leonato. What was it you told me of today, that your niece Beatrice was in love with Signior Benedick.” (II.III.95-97). This means that Beatrice confessed her love for benedick to her Uncle and Leonato told Prince about it. In my second quote Leonato says to Claudio and Prince “O, when she had writ it and was reading it over, she found “Benedick” and “Beatrice” between the sheet? Claudio, Prince and Leonato think the Beatrice wants to have sexual intercourse with Benedick. That is how the three men trick Benedick into thinking Beatrice loves Benedick and wants something else from of too.

In Act III, Hero, Margaret, Ursula, are going to trick Beatrice into thinking Benedick loves her. This is Hero’s way of tricking Beatrice, she makes Ursula and
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Benedick asked “Which is Beatrice?” and she stepped forward and unmasked herself then answered “I answer to that name. What is your will?” Benedick asked her “Do not you love me?”, they went on from their until Caudio gets a paper from Benedick’s pocket and Beatrice gets it and reads it. Than Hero does the same to Beatrice and gives the paper to Benedick they read the paper. Benedick starts to talk and so does Beatrice, then they confess their love to each other and kiss. Finally they are together which makes every one happy and celebrate the newlyweds and Beatrice and Benedick for finally getting
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