Quotes About Grendel's Loneliness

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In the book Grendel, John Gardner conveys Grendel's loneliness by Grendel's attacks on the people showing the lack of companionship drives him to destroying other people through his actions, thoughts and relationships. Body paragraphs: Grendel's loneliness is expressed greatly through his thoughts. The authors describes Grendel's need to jeopardize others people life just because Grendel is unhappy. The quote, "Pointless, ridiculous monster crouched in the shadows, stinking of old men, murdered children, martyred cows" (Gardner 6). This proves Grendel's view of the world is horrid and he has nothing in his life meaningful to him. Grendel believes he has no role in this world and he's always on the outside of everything, and he doesn't really know why he exists. Gardener wants to portray Grendel as an angry, lonely monster at the beginning to give the readers a good understanding of the main character. As Grendel continues his …show more content…

Grendel takes his loss out on the people, by hurting them. His actions speak for his words, “two nights later I went back. I was addicted. The Shaper was singing the glorious deeds of the dead men, praising war. He sang how they'd fought me. It was all lies” (Gardner 54). It is obvious Grendel suffers the physical pain of being alone, and he gets addictive to hurting others due to his sadness. The more Grendel hears about people getting along he hates them and wants to fight them, because he can not have that. Grendel actions speak louder than his words when conveys his anger against the world. In the quote Grendel portrays this is what he does when he says, “It's all I have, my only weapon for smashing through these stiff coffin-walls of the world” (Gardner 123). Grendel’s only thing he has is his power to beat things up and kill things that are happy unlike him. He is an upset person who is jealous of people that are

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