Quotes About Ralph From Lord Of The Flies

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“How could you be safe by the little stream or on the open beach?” (183)

After Ralph ran away, he was alone with no one to help him while he was injured. Ralph doesn’t feel safe anywhere since they group of savage boys could be anywhere to attack Ralph. After they group of boys decided to join Jack in his tribe, the group of boys turned into savages. Ralph is worried that everyone one will die on the island since Jack doesn’t know how to be a chief. Ralph can’t do anything anymore since he is no longer the chief and because everyone is turned against him. No one is safe anymore on the island since most of the boys had turned savage and is willing to kill if Jack orders them too.

“Samneric were part of the tribe now. They were guarding the Castle Rock against him.” (186)

When Ralph was able to go to Castle Rock, he realises that he will never get past Sam and Eric because they are now part of Jack’s tribe. He saw that Sam and Eric turned into savages since anyone who
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You go away now—’” (187)

The twins duty was to guard Castle Rock so Ralph wouldn’t come. The twins didn’t want to hurt Ralph since they were still on his side. They knew it wasn’t safe for Ralph if Jack catches him at Castle Rock since he kill him. They needed Ralph to leave since they didn’t want to have any conflicts with him. The twins also didn’t want to get in trouble since Jack would punish them if he found out that they were still on Ralph’s side.

“‘For your own good.’ ‘Keep away. As far as you can’” (189)

The twins try to warn Ralph that Jack and his tribe will go hunting for him. They wanted him to leave since it wasn’t safe for him to be around Castle Rock. They twins knows that Jack was going to do if he finds Ralph since his plan was to search the island until he finds Ralph. Ralph had to be as far away from Castle Rock as he can since it was safer for him if he wasn’t near Jack. There would also be a less chance of Jack finding him if was far
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