Quotes From Beloved

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“At first they played together. A whole month and Denver loved it. From the night they ice-skated under a star-loaded sky and drank sweet milk by the stove, to the string puzzles Sethe did for them in afternoon light, and shadow pictures in the gloaming. In the very teeth of winter and Sethe, her eyes fever bright, was plotting a garden of vegetables and flowers-talking, talking about what colors to would have. She played with Beloved’s hair, braiding, puffing, tying oiling it until it made Denver nervous to watch her. They changed beds and exchanged clothes…When it became clear that they were only interested in each other, Denver began to drift form the play, but she watched it, alert for any sign that Beloved was in danger…how could it go wrong?-she let down her…show more content…
At first, not knowing who is to blame, she stays cautious around her mother, fearing that something may trigger the killer inside of her. Readers do not just anticipate what is to come, but resonate with Denver’s true feelings about her life. She is the only remainder of those who were physically stricken by Sethe, and she looks in her eyes every day, as if she is not supposed to bring it up. This section of chapter 25 is the marking point for the entire meaning of the book to unfold i.e. the representation of the past in Beloved and the future in Denver. Such a…different plot like this one can very easily overshadow the message but the last couple of sections in the book of each character really put it into perspective. At one point, the line “A complaint from Beloved, an apology from Sethe” stands as a teeter-totter affect as we read more and more examples of how Beloved is altering herself into a position where Sethe is taken advantage of. It is not really up until now that the readers view Beloved as evil, rather than just the reincarnated baby Sethe has been hung up on for so
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