Quotes From George Orwell's In Cold Blood

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MIP 1: This meme connects to the book because the the government uses what they cherish most to sway who they vote for and they use the voters love of TV to make them vote for who is “right”. SIP 1:The government teaches the people to vote based on looks so that they can keep the same people or similar people in power. STEWE 1: In the book we see that the voters often vote for the better looking candidate. We see that a the better looking the more they will be voted for. "’I voted last election, same as everyone, and I laid it on the line for President Noble. I think he 's one of the nicest-looking men who ever became president.’ ‘Oh, but the man they ran against him!’” (93). STEWE 2: We also see that the government puts a less attractive candidate…show more content…
Kind of small and homely and he didn 't shave too close or comb his hair very well.’ ‘What possessed the 'Outs ' to run him? You just don 't go running a little short man like that against a tall man. Besides -he mumbled. Half the time I couldn 't hear a word he said. And the words I did hear I didn 't understand!’ ‘Fat, too, and didn 't dress to hide it.’” (93). SIP: The government knows how important the TVs are the the people and know that they cherish them more than their real families. STEWE 1: They have trained the society to believe that the TV people love them and are their family.”’That 's my family.’” (46). Millie and her friends believe that they are their families and become important to them and the rest of society. STEWE 2: The government knows how hurt they will be if they lose their “families”. They decide that using what is important to the society, they will be guaranteed to get what they want. “She thought about it. Her face grew amazed and…show more content…
‘He might come and burn the house and the `family. ' That 's awful! Think of our investment. Why should I read? What for?’”. CS: Clearly the meme shows how the government uses what 's important to the society to manipulate them into getting what they want. MIP 2: The meme uses slippery slope as a logical fallacy and pathos as a mode of persuasion. SIP 1: The logical fallacy slippery slope to show the dramatic path that will happen if the voters vote for Hoag. STEWE 1: A slippery slope is a bunch of unlikely steps that are used to make an unlikely outcome to a simple enough situation. But because the steps explain it, it sounds logical to the person it is said to. STEWE 2: A slippery slope is used here to say to the voters that if Hoag wins then he will find a way to ban the TV walls from being used and the TV families will no longer be a thing or in the eyes of the society they will be “dead”. SIP 2: Pathos is clearly being used to bring an emotional appeal from the voters. STEWE 1: Pathos is when the person is trying to get emotions as a way to persuade the person. CS: Overall, Slippery Slope and Pathos are being used here to create emotional appeal and to show a ridiculous outcome but explained in a way that
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