Quotes From Jack From Lord Of The Flies

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Jack tries to discredit him by calling a meeting about the beast and turning the tables to say some negative things about Ralph which means that Jack is ignoring the rules of society and going rogue, evil to say in his voice.“Yes. The beast is a hunter. Only-shut up! The next thing is that we couldn’t kill it. And the next is that Ralph said that my hunters are no good.” and “He’s not a hunter.” That starts the initial talk of how Ralph is unfit to help or help them survive until help arrives by making him seem like “He’s a coward himself.” , when in reality Jack is the coward, they all are. “Ralph thinks you’re cowards, running away from the boar and the beast.” It gets them all riled up and to think against Ralph like it is a protest, how…show more content…
He explains how it is a hunter and how it came from the sea, but was disproved and how it has wings and claws and swings in the vines at night. That causes nightmares, stress, and anxiety on a lot of the kids, so Jack promises fun to all of those who leaves Ralph’s group and joins his. Everyone is frightened by the beast and frightened about whether they will die on the island or be rescued, which is a lot of stress for little kids. Jack tells them to forget about the beast for a moment and to let loose, or to have fun, with hunting or doing other things rather than trying to survive and be exhausted trying to get rescued by the grown ups, if there are still any left. The groups represent civilization and savagery during this great divide of the main group which will cause future conflict. There is a struggle over power and who has it as Jack was jealous of how Ralph was voted the official leader of the group originally as Jack wanted it, he took his first official chance to become the chief of the kids other than his hunters. Jack doesn’t know how to lead a group full on with all of their burdens and needs and he will surely kill them all in some sort of
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