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Pi is a character that goes through changes dark and unforgettable events starts to occur in his life. He goes from following his beliefs and is happy who his with his life to a character who is scared and doesn’t know what to do. Through the course of events I have felt sympathy towards and sorrow towards Pi. He is a very interesting person who believes in many religions and practises them, but he is seen as a person that is very weird through the eyes of many, especially that of his family. His parents don’t like the idea that he follows different religions and even don’t like to talk about it. It’s as if he has disappointed them. I feel sympathy because who hasn’t ever disappointed someone close to them. Even small things we have done we seem goofy or even weird in front of people, this is how Pi is seen described by his parents. I feel sad for Pi. He is a kid who gets stranded on a lifeboat when a ship heading to America sinks. He is stranded by a hyena and a beagle tiger which…show more content…
He is scared out of his mind and can’t seem to function very well. My concern is how will Pi go on to survive while still keeping the memories of his loved ones? Pi is reluctant to let go of the idea that his family is not dead. He keeps on thinking that they will come on a ship to rescue him and they will live happily ever after. After several days he does not do anything or move, this frustrates me as he is not doing anything to keep himself alive. My other question is how did Pi not notice that he was boarding a tiger on a lifeboat? After safely getting on the lifeboat, where everything seems fine, he goes onto risk his life to save a carnivore that can kill him. Was he even thinking properly? I know he just probably witnessed the demise of his family but was he seriously out of his mind to not see he was saving a dangerous creature? Pi could just have risked his chance of

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