Quotes From Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

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The Final Vote “Ralph I think that we should have a meeting” said Piggy. “We need to talk about what happened to Simon and we need to decide once and for all who is going to be chief.” [Ralph looks at Piggy with an expression of deep thought] “I agree, but I don’t know what to say.” “I do Ralph, I’ll do all the talking.” “Ok then if you really want to” [Ralph stood up and blows the conch, after a few minutes a group of boys walk down the beach, with Jack leading them]. “What do you want” Jack says mockingly, do you just want to humiliate yourselves again.” “We are here to have one last vote to see once and for all who should be chief” Piggy shrieks. “Fine” said Jack. “Go for it.” “Ralph should be
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