Quotes From Pedro Paramo

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People are born into this world with a desperate need of salvation. Pedro Paramo is a novel about a boy named Juan who is on a mission to seek his dead mother 's revenge. Juan travels to Comala only to come across a dead ghost town populated by trapped wandering spirits, shadows, and echoes. Spirits are kept in Comala because of their sins, urge to repeat their past, and a corrupt priest. Since the towns sins are not forgiven they remain in Comala. Father Renteria is the main reason why, when he went to Contla to see a priest he was denied forgiveness for his sins. He begged him yet the priest said, “but it is not you who sustain their faith. They believe out of fear and superstition” (pg.71). He had finally decided to seek forgiveness but…show more content…
Father Renteria is to blame for all the trapped spirits because he is a corrupt priest. After accepting Pedros money he, “sat there weeping with grief and sorrow until his tears were exhausted” (pg.13 18-19). Father Renteria had felt guilty for accepting the money to pardon Miguel 's sin. This one emotional moment does not stop him, he continues to forgive the Pedro family. This just goes to show how weak he is, that he sucks up to the Pedro family out of fear and guilt. Father Renteria does feel guilty because the poor cannot afford their sins and he allows them to suffer but bad people like Pedro he forgives. He depends on Pedro for money which is where the fear comes to play in. Father Renteria is also angry at the fact that he cannot do anything about it because he is to weak. His weakness overpowers him and that is why he is afraid to speak up for what he know is right. Father Renteria does hate the Pedro’s but their money is how he eats and live so he sucks up to him like the coward he knows he is. Of course he decides to forgive Miguel he says that, “what does it matter if he lifted him to Heaven” (pg. 14. 26). Father Renteria is trying to make himself feel better by saying why does it matter. He says that he shouldn 't matter if an evil person is forgiven or not. Which is weird considering this person is not just any evil perosn but this person rapped his neice. In which he tries to justify himself to his niece by saying this. Father Renteria just decided to…show more content…
Comala is a place where its values are completely lost, yet it continues to cycle its past trapped lost souls. Many innocent people get punished but many rich people can buy their ways out of a lot of situations. Not only can one see this in the book but in our society today these things still happen. Rich people have a lot of privilege as is where they get away with a lot of things that a poor or middle class person wouldn 't be able too. This is extremely unfair treatment and have set up stereotypes in society.. Where for example if a wealthy person gets into a fight usually they say “well oh boys will be boys”. If we were to see that happen with a poor person specifically from the hood he would then be seen as a “thug”. People in society tend to think that these type of things are okay and they become the norm. These types of things are not okay and makes one realize how important money really is and how much it can contribute to certain situations. Which brings one to think justice is never served because no matter the consequence it 'll never
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