Quotes From Shameless

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My phone chimed next to me, and as I looked down I wasn’t expecting to see the disappointed message from my father. He had just started watching my favorite show “Shameless,” and was disgusted by the content. I felt my eyes burning up and I did not want to start crying in front of my mother. That was the first person, who shunned me because I watched it. “Shameless,” was about the Gallagher family and the rest of their crazy neighbors on the southside of Chicago. The Gallagher family was broke, dysfunctional, and dirty. Due to their lack of money, they had to find different things in their free time. I do not agree with the actions of the family, and would never mimic their actions. The Gallagher’s to me, were the family I had always wanted.…show more content…
He dropped the subject after he saw how aggravated I was getting, and turned on the radio. Believe me when I say, my father was never this much of a prude. We used to sit down and watch “Entourage,” together when I was in the second grade. I would get frustrated with him, and complain to my mother on how he didn’t understand why I loved the show. I loved it so much because, it was real. The show was real, it was daring, it taught lessons, it could make you cry and then it could make you laugh and no matter who the character was, you learned a lesson from them. Frank and Monica Gallagher, the parents showed me how not to raise children. Fiona, the reason that I know my right and wrong! She showed me that sometimes the easiest thing to do is not always the right thing, and you have to own up to your actions. Lip, was the character that showed me to apply yourself in school, you will go places. Ian, showed me that I should embrace who I am and stop at nothing to do things for the ones you love. Carl, showed me that mistakes can always be fixed and it they might not always be resolved in the way you would expect. Finally Debbie, who showed me that we will change over time and you might not be able to stop it. “Shameless,” was not just the filthy show my family made it out to be. It was real and taught lessons, and as I relate to what they are going through I know that I do not want to end up like them. I just want everyone to know
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