Quotes From The Count Of Monte Cristo

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“I don’t think that man was meant to attain happiness so easily. Happiness is like those palaces in fairy tales whose gates are guarded by dragons: we must fight in order to conquer it” (Dumas 18). In this quote, Dantes is speaking to Danglars, a greedy and envious crewmember of the Pharaon about how lucky he is to have a beautiful fiancee like Mercedes. Dantes is Cautiously happy because he is afraid of this new found happiness. 2. “For the happy man prayer is only a jumble of words, until the day when sorrow comes to Explain to him the sublime language by mean of which he speaks to God” (Dumas 41). Dantes is narrating his thoughts in this quote, He is feeling dejected and mournful in Prison. This quote also emphasizes how humans only call upon on god when they are in need of miracles. 3. “During those hours of meditation, which…show more content…
“God gives me strength to subdue wild beasts like you. I act in the name of God. Remember that, you wretched scoundrel. And sparing you this time is also God’s will” (Dumas 337). The Count of Monte Cristo justifies his actions by believing that he is sent by God to punish the wicked. The Count view everything that had happened in his life as the work of God. The Count’s fascination with God has allowed him to seek revenge on his enemies without remorse. 13. “I love her deeply, madly! I love her so much I’d give all my blood to save her from shedding a single tear” (Dumas 402)! Maximilien is speaking to the Count of Monte Cristo in this quote. These lines spoken by him are very romantic and shows how much he truly loves Valentine and that he would do anything for her. These lines were also able to bring out the pure heart of Dantes within the Count because Once upon a time, Dantes loved Mercades as much as Maximilien loves his Valentine. 14. “He realized that he had gone beyond the limits of rightful vengeance and that he could no longer say, “God is for me and with me’” (Duntas
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