Quotes From 'The Grapes Of Wrath'

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1) Quote Puritanism: And then Ma came out of the house, and Granma with her, and Rose of Sharon behind, walking daintily...took their places behind the squatting men...And the children, Ruthie and Winfield...the children squidged their toes in the red dust, but they made no sound. Only the preacher was not there. He, out of delicacy, was sitting on the ground behind the house...good preacher and knew his people. (Steinbeck 100). In the 19th century, Puritans believed in having a group called The Elect to hold the highest power in their society. Moreover, the Puritans believed that God should hold the greatest power over the people and he should be given the right to determine Predestination which is “the divine foreordaining of all that will
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