Quotes From 'The Grapes Of Wrath'

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Yakira Keiser setting 1.“Five months ago we were just another family in Brooklyn. Papa sold cigars, candy, occasionally a stuffed toy made by moma. We weren't rich but we managed. And then hey saw the cartoon in the paper”. (pg.9) 2.This quotation is describing the setting of how an average life in Brooklyn is supposed to be like but, now that joseph's family discovered the teddy bear they aren't like a normal Brooklyn family. 3.“It was Brooklyn winter, before dawn. Everything shivered. That’s what papa said”. (pg.10) 4.This passage is describing the cold winter days of Brooklyn. It illustrates the setting of where they live and they climate they are in. Characteristics 1.“Papa, if Dilly isn't selling pickles, how's he gonna pay…show more content…
Most of Brooklyn is poor where Joseph lives but, Joseph's family just invented something that is getting them a lot of money and while Joseph should be happy and grateful for this he is not and is just upset about this change. Golden Lines 1.“Maybe mama didn’t see it. Maybe papa didn’t see it. But I did. Our success, it made people resent us.” (pg.19) 2.This thought takes place after Joseph's family gained a lot of success after creating the teddy bear. This line was golden to me because it described how Joseph feels about all this success. While his family thinks it's all great and amazing, joseph does not. He likes his small quiet family in Brooklyn but now he has to deal with a huge bear business and how his life is changing. 3.“A thick crowd of children bundled in their woolen coats had already gathered in front of the plate glass.” (page 14) 4.During their quote, the two teddy bears the Michotms family made are on display and, the children are starting to line up, in the winter air, to buy a bear. This line really struck me because it exemplifies how life for Joseph's family really changed in a second. Now he isn't just an ordinary boy anymore but rather
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