Quotes From The Home Reading Of Malala

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This made me think of Malala, as both share similar beliefs. Malala also believes that education is the most powerful tool. She also believes in God and prays to Him for help when needed. I think that everyone should have these same beliefs (except the last one, because of religious conflicts). If everyone did have them, I believe that most of the problems in the world would be solved. (69 words) This passage is essentially Bessie comparing herself to Sadie. She uses multiple comparisons to show the black-and-white difference between the two of them. I was actually quite stunned by how feisty this 102-year-old woman was and how she talked. Even though it is just words on paper, I can practically hear Bessie screaming this out loud. My understanding so far is that Bessie might have been a little too courageous. With that much courage, she would probably get into a lot of trouble with the whites back then. She seems like…show more content…
Back then, it probably seemed impossible for a black-skinned man to be able to squeeze into society. Prejudice was still out there around that time and it still exists today, unfortunately. On the other hand, if the blacks give up on education, they will never be able to get back into shape. They would forever remain the lower class because all the other positions require high amounts of it. It is a flaw to think that there is little hope in the future; anything could happen in the future! One has to try something before they can declare it a “waste of time.” (115 words) I disagree with this statement. If the women want to be able to learn, let them learn. It is their right to have a good education, as everyone in America deserves it. I think the stereotype that women are the ones who work at home and care for the kids should be gone, because frankly, not all women want to do that. Some want to start successful businesses, and to do so, they are going to need a proper education. (80
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