Quotes From The Switch Script

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*Check watch, glance at door, check watch, glance at door* *Switch characters, stand at door, knock* *Switch spots, run to door, open it, look behind the person at the door, mouth ‘Where’s Antipholus?’* *Switch spots, mouth ‘Back at the market, he wouldn’t come’ Enter house* *Switch spots, mouth ‘Why not?’* *Switch spots, mouth ‘He denies having a wife’* * Switch spots, look furious, mouth ‘WHAT! Well go back and get him!’ * Switch spots, mouth ‘Ugh, fine!’, exit *Hold up ‘Scene Change’ sign* *Mouth ‘Well, have you changed your mind about not having any gold?’* *Switch spots, mouth ‘when did I say I didn’t?’* *Switch spots, mouth ‘just a few moments ago!’* *Switch spots, mouth ‘I haven’t seen you since you gave me the gold!’* *Switch spots, mouth…show more content…
I don’t deserve this! Why do you beat me?’* *Switch spots, mouth ‘Because I often chat with you, and you joke with me. If you joke with me, know when to quit!’* *Go to outside the scene, walk in, mouth ‘ Antipholus, why won’t you come home?’* *Switch spots, mouth ‘I don’t know you, that’s why.’* *Switch spots, mouth ‘How the world has changed thee! I sent Dromio to get you!’* *Switch spots, point, mouth ‘Him?’* *Switch spots, nod, mouth ‘Yes him!’* *Switch spots, turn to where Dromio would be, mouth ‘Did you speak with this woman?’* *Switch spots, nod head ‘no’ *Switch spots, mouth ‘Liar, you told me she wanted me to come to dinner!’* *Switch spots, mouth ‘No, I never spake with her!’* *Switch spots, mouth ‘Then how does she know our names?’ *Switch to adriana’s spot, mouth ‘Because you are my husband.’* *Switch to Antipholus, to Luciana mouth, ‘Were we married in a dream? Until i’m sure whats going on, I’ll entertain with thee.’ *Switch spots, to Dromio mouth ‘Go, play the porter well’* *Switch to Dromio, mouth ‘Shall I be porter at the
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