Quotes From 'Their Eyes Were Watching God'

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Chapter 9&10 “God never meant 'em tuh try tuh stand by theirselves. Joe, Janie 's husband had died & lots of men came by to check on her, telling her that a woman needs help and couldn 't make it on her own without a man. Some had been friends & associates of Joe Starks the mayor. The quote "But she had been whipped like a cur dog, and run off down a back road after thing” is an example of simile. It is comparing Janie who is a human into something that has been taught to cater to the master. Janie felt as though she had been bosses over these years and with Joe 's death she was finally running away. This literary convention is important to the text because it allows readers to see what kind of things Janie was honestly going through while with her husband. She no longer felt as if she had to abide by anyone 's rules other than her own. This allowed her to gain the freedom she had been longing for. Although others felt as if she was in the wrong, this simile allows us to see Janie 's side. It also brings in the emotional ties and gives room for connection between the reader and the character. The quote "Those full, lazy…show more content…
The following quote "Poor Joe Starks. Bet he turns over in his grave everyday" is an example of a hyperbole. It 's an extreme exaggeration that is a readily of Janie 's actions. As the whole town watches Janie 's relationship with Tea Cake flourish the opinions are rich and at their peak. With the battle over right from wrong Janie is heavily on the wrong side. No longer caring about the opinions of everyone else Janie began to take her own life back into her hands; to the disapproval of the community. This example adds to the story overall because it helps to give us a sense of time and well as helping us to understand Janie. It also gives us a sense of understanding when it comes to her most recent choice. Overall the quote shows the disapproval of everyone else, as well as Janie 's willingness
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