Quotes In Faulkner's 'Fahrenheit 451'

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Fahrenheit 451 Essay “Its fine work…burn’em to ashes, then burn the ashes. That’s our official slogan. “is a quote from Fahrenheit 451. “Its fine work. Monday burn Millay, Wednesday Whitman, Friday Faulkner, burn’em to ashes then burn the ashes. That’s our official slogan.” is a quote from Millay, Ednast. Vincent. This quotes are relatable because they think the same think that people shouldn’t read books just because they don’t like them or whatever goes around there mind. The theme for Captain Beatty is that he doesn’t want to question and think like Montag. Beatty believes in his mission to destroy books. He is a bit of paradox. If he really hates or don’t like books why does he know more about books than anyone else. He burns these book but he spends half his time quoting from them. He’s a very selfish person because he doesn’t believe in what people feel or believe for their self’s. In this quote shows how he is, “what traitor’s books can be! You think they’re backing you up, and then they turn on you. Others can use them, too, and there you are, lost in the middle of the moor, in a great welter of nouns and verbs and adjectives.”…show more content…
In the beginning of Fahrenheit 451 he thought book aren’t made to be read, but to be destroyed. In the end of the story he thought the opposite that books were made to have a knowledge. Guy is a person that questions everything. He’s a third generation fireman who takes his job seriously but grows restless. Guy actually has a heart because he felt that Clarisse is his daughter and when the old lady had a book in her house he didn’t want to burn her house. Montag as a fireman is responsible for destroying not only the books he finds, but also the homes in which he finds them. In this quote it feels like Montag is changing “didn’t fireman prevent fires rather than stoke them up and get them
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