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The story The Taming of the Shrew written by William Shakespeare is a tale of how a nobleman tricks a drunken tinker named Christopher Sly into believing he is actually a nobleman himself. Christopher being of nobility watches a play about a marriage of Petruchio and a stubborn shrew Katherina (Kate). Throughout this play there are numerous examples of how Petruchio is abusive towards Kate as he attempts to tame her. Petruchio starves Kate along with being extremely careless when dealing with Kate’s feelings. He is very impolite, immature, and knows the best way to tame Kate. First of all, Petruchio starves Kate. Petruchio tells Kate that the food is inadequate for them because it is burnt. When Kate answers saying that the food is fine and asks to eat Petruchio then quickly responds saying,” Pluck thy spirits. Look cheerfully upon me. Here, love, thou seest how delight I am, To dress thy meat myself and bring it thee.” (Shakespeare 4.3.39-43). In this quote, Petruchio blatantly …show more content…

Kate and Petruchio are going to Kates sisters, Bianca, wedding and Petruchio has a tailor design a cap and gown for Kate. When the tailor shows Kate the cap and gown he has designed she instantly falls in love. On the other hand Petruchio does not like neither the cap nor gown, so he rips the cap and gown into shreds. Petruchio then says,” why this was molded on a porringer! A velvet dish! Fie, fie ‘tis lewd and filthy. Why, ‘tis a cockle or a walnut shell, A knock, a toy, a trick, a baby’s cap. Away with it! “ ( Shakespeare 4.3.68-72). In this quote, Petruchio is very immature in insisting that the gown does not work, because it has been molded on a model and look like a baby's hat. Petruchio later on says that he is the master of Kate and has full control over her. This meaning her clothing, what she eats, her actions, everything. This is just one example of how Petruchio is very immature and impolite acting as if Kate is a slave to

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