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As a human race, we have all had instances where we have been experienced greed, the intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food. It is extremely unlikely, even impossible, that there is a person in the entire world that goes their entire life without a single thought of greed, no matter if it is significant or not. The best the average person does in response to their greed is mask it with exaggerated generosity to “cancel out” their greedy thoughts. There are many examples in literature that help convey the effects that greed can have on a person, one of the most well-portrayed ones being the main character in William Shakespeare 's well-known play, Macbeth. The main character in the play, Macbeth, was an extraordinary fighter in war, and he also had a respectful amount of power in his hands, as he was the Thane of a place called Glamis, and was close in with the King of Scotland, Duncan. Three witches were introduced into the story, looking to cause…show more content…
He sank into his greedy thoughts more and more as the story progressed, going so far in that there was no way he could have made it out even if he tried, using all of his effort. Macbeth was so desperate to keep the throne that his entire goal was sidetracked, and all he cared about by the end was eliminating anybody that could have had a slight suspicion about the situation surrounding the king’s death and his crowning. There have been many criminal cases in all of history that follow a similar path; greed growing larger and larger until a person resorts to crime. Though greed isn’t considered something good to have, it’s nearly inevitable to avoid, because greed is a part of human nature. If anything can be learned from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, it’s that greed left uncontrolled can easily spiral out of control if not properly addressed and taken care

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