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M They are Pelagic, this means that they inhabit the upper layers of the sea. It has an air bubble inside of its stomach so as a result, they float on the surface of the ocean. They float upside down by using the surface tension of the water to stay up. Due to them floating, wind or current can take them. They are also camouflage. They have a grey/blue front so that animals looking from underneath can not spot it, and a beautiful aquatic blue on its back so that animals from above can not see it. These colours act as a camouflage from the other animals. These particular colours help them to blend in with the sea water. It helps them to stay invisible to air predators as well as sea predators. However, if something turns them over, they are more than capable to turn themselves over
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After mating both parties produce eggs. They lay their eggs on driftwood, sometimes, if there isn’t any, they will use skeletons of enemies. When the eggs open, the young will live there until airbags are developed in its stomach.

S If someone takes out the Glaucus Atlanticus from water it rolls itself and becomes a ball, as soon as you put it back in the water it opens. Also, when when it eats something coloured, it can change to the colour of the food it just ate. In their life span, they can differ quite a bit. Some live up to a few short weeks, others can live up to a year. It is also able to sting others, injecting the poisons it has collected from its food, into its injectee.

G It can grow up to 3cm long at maturity. It grows a little every time it feeds and takes poisons from other animals. The poisons go to the finger like parts of its body and says there until it has been injected. Some of its food is stored in special sacs called “cnidosacs”, because the food is stored in these sacs, it can make the sacs extend.

R It is a air breathing

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