R. J. Cutler's If I Stay

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If I Stay, a movie by R.J. Cutler and a book by Gayle Forman, has different flashbacks, character descriptions, and overall plots between the two types of media. The story centers on Mia, a high school student, who gets into a car crash with her family. However, this car crash is unlike any other. Mia is able to see herself and others through an out of body experience, but others cannot see or hear her. While Mia is in the hospital, she thinks back to memories with her family and friends, and as she nears her death, she decides whether to give up or to stay and fight for her life. These differences between the two medias create opposing views to how Mia and her fight are portrayed throughout the stories, which allow for two different perspectives of the story. There are many flashbacks within the plot, but the…show more content…
The main character, Mia, has different views on situations and people in both the movie and the book. In the movie, Mia is very focused on her family and Adam. She wants to be with Adam at all times and it is clear to everyone how much Mia loves him. Also, when Mia finds out that her parents are dead, she is devastated. The audience could tell by the looks on her face that she had many emotions floating around in her mind. She then goes on to scream for Teddy, her little brother, wanting to know how he 's doing, and she doesn’t stop worrying about him until she gets an answer. However in the book, Mia is mostly concerned about herself. She travels through the hospital following herself around and only makes slight remarks about other characters within the plot. When her family died she was obviously upset but there were only about two sentences focused on the deaths because of how focused on herself she was. Forman does so that people could understand how Mia was very confused as to what was happening to herself, and she wanted to make sure that was clear to
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