R/S Mrs. Wittenberg's Case Study

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R/s Mrs. Wittenberg has a problem with her hygiene. R/s the smell is overpowering that the examination room door can’t be closed. R/s Mrs. Wittenberg has scratches on her back. R/s Mrs. Wittenberg has been refusing home health and physically therapy services because she doesn’t want anyone in her home. R/s according Mrs. Wittenberg they only live out of three rooms in their room. R/s Mrs. Wittenberg said she is embarrassed because her home in shambles and she doesn’t want anyone to see the inside of her home. R/s Mrs. Wittenberg reported her floors are in bad shaped. R/s Mrs. Wittenberg stated that her husband does all the house work, laundry, and cleaning. ALLEGATION R/s Loralee Wittenberg uses a mobile wheelchair because she can’t walk

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