R/Sgt Case

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R/Sgt was assigned to investigate Log Number 1074992 on 02 June 2015. R/Sgt reviewed the allegations as listed in the Face Sheet. The complainant alleges that the accused detective was rude and unprofessional with her when she called him to inquire about her case report because he told her, "If you make a complaint against me, make sure you tell them about your criminal background, too," and "I 'm not going to arrest anybody since they didn 't touch your son." RD# HY-246395 and HY-241468 The accused has been only described as Det. SMITH, male, black, first name and star number unknown. R/Sgt initially contacted the complainant via telephone on 03 June 2015. The complainant at that time requested that the R/Sgt re-contact her at a later date. (Attachment #3)…show more content…
R/Sgt reviewed the complainant’s allegations with her. The complainant, Michelle BLACKWELL related that she had put the incident behind her and did not wish to discuss the allegations with the R/Sgt. She added that everyone has a bad day. When R/Sgt asked the complainant if she had further information regarding Det. Smith, she related no. In fact, she related that she could not recall the name of the detective she spoke to on 4 May 2015 at 0900

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