R201310 Unit 3.1 Research Paper

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3.1 Hardware and Software Requirements Windows MATLAB V.13 Windows7 (R2013a) Processor Dual core, core2duo, Intel I3 RAM 2GB RAM DISK Space Disk space varies depending on size of partition and installation of online help files. The MathWorks Installer will inform you of the hard disk space requirement for your particular partition Graphics adapter 8-bit graphics adapter and display (for 256 simultaneous colors CD-ROM drive for installation from CD. Table 3.1: Minimum Requirements Windows Processor RAM DISK Space Graphics adapter MATLAB Intel I3 2GB 1 GB for A 32-bit or 64-bit V.13 MATLAB only, OpenGL capable (R2013a) 5 GB for a…show more content…
A 32-bit or 64bit OpenGL capable graphics adapter is strongly recommended. 3.3 Low Level Specifications • Microsoft Windows supported graphics accelerator card, printer, and sound card. • Microsoft Word 8.0 (Office 97), Office 2000. • TCP/IP is required on all platforms when using a license server. • Some license types require a license server running FLEXlm 8.0d, which is provided by the Math Works installer. 3.4 Functional Requirements • The system should process the input given by the user only if it is an image file (JPG, PNG etc.) • System shall show the error message to the user when the input given is not in the required format. • System should detect characters present in the image. • System should retrieve characters present in the image and display them to the user. 13 3.4 Non Functional Requirements • Performance: Handwritten characters in the input image will be recognized with an accuracy of about 90% and

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