Fundamental Of Computer System Essay

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Fundamentals of Computer Systems Assignment

Introduction To RAID In Computer Systems.

RAID is a type of drive and it stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks, It functions in a way that it uses an array of hard disks for either better performance or better security against disk failure as such RAID is known for lengthening the computer disk life, preventing major data loss and it enables user to have uninterrupted access to data while the system is still running.
A Volume is a logical designation of disk storage that is created out of one or more physical disks. Users can also identify it by a unique drive letter. One volume contains at least one partition, but it can encompass more than one.
Listed below are the three most common
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RAID also provides additional throughput. Which also allows users to read and write data in multiple drives instead of only one drive. This function is very useful if you are having disk IO issues. In addition to this function, it is also able to increase its overall performance if you opt for using hardware RAID. It reduce the strain and pull of physical hardware by adding another additional memory to be used as cache.

Although it is not very easy and maintain, but RAID is very useful in case of a hard drive crash as it can be very costly and takes up a lot of time and effort just to restore data from a hard drive.

The function of fault tolerance is also important as it prevents devices from failing. This will require user to think how devices or networks can fail and the user is also required to take actions in order to prevent this type of failure to occur.

Businesses also sometimes store their data in a redundant array of inexpensive disks arrangement, or RAID, but when one or more drives fail, or the configuration for the RAID is lost, businesses can be put at risk and this may result to company’s loss of business and

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