Essay On Rapid Prototyping

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ABSRTACT: The rapid prototyping (RP) is a vital manufacturing process to create a successful product, especially in a competitive global market condition. To be competitive, products need to be cheaper, of high quality and adaptive to customer’s changing needs in short time. Rapid Prototyping (RP) layer-by-layer material deposition started during early 1980s with the enormous growth in Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM). Rapid prototyping of parts in metal is becoming a familiar step in the development of new products. The process is now starting to migrate to rapid manufacture where extremely complex shapes can be manufactured in low numbers in a short period of time with no tooling costs. Traditional RP techniques are mainly used in product invention process, such as three–dimensional printing (3-DP), Laminated object manufacturing (LOM),Direct metal laser sintering(DMLS), Selective laser sintering(SLS), Electron beam melting(EBM), Ultrasonic consolidation and
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Industry has expressed very strong interest to further develop current prototyping techniques or create new ones that are capable of directly producing metallic or ceramic parts. The evolution from polymers to metals and ceramics is just starting to take place. There are many more difficulties associated with producing a structurally sound, dimensionally accurate metallic part rather than simply a real three-dimensional model for visualization purposes. But if achieved, metallic parts will offer several advantages over plastic parts such as high strength, greater impact resistance and toughness and greater durability. In addition, in situ testing of the formed prototype will be possible under practical working
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