Lusitania Sinking

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RMS Lusitania, a luxurious British passenger liner, loved by both the British and Americans sank on May 7th, 1915 by two torpedoes sent by a German U-Boat (U-20). The cruise’s sinking was a major turning point for the war and one can see it as an iconic event. This sinking was significant to World War 1 as it brought the Americans into the fight; partnered up with the Allies, it depicted the barbarity and ruthlessness of Germany, and it changed the perspective of which the world saw Germany as. The Lusitania was approximately 32,000 tons, 787 feet long, and 87 feet wide.1 The ship was owned by “Cunard lines,” and was built by “John Brown and Company” in Scotland.1 The ship was acknowledged as the fastest liner at the time; lead people to believe…show more content…
In just 18 minutes the Lusitania sank killing about 1198 people, 128 of which were Americans.3 The news had hit America and the Americans were enraged and felt sorrow for the innocent that had died. A conspiracy theory was also made, one that said that the British might have had a hand in the sinking of the Lusitania, their purpose for this would be to force America into the war on their side.9 During the war, the Allies and the Triple Entente were in a stalemate for the majority of 1917. The only battle that the Allies had successfully won was the battle of Vimy Ridge. It was obvious that they required…show more content…
America sent approximately 4,355,000 troops in which 126,000 were killed and 264,000 were wounded.6 The country’s troops weren’t their only contribution to the Allies; America had an exceptional economic stance because of the loans that Britain and France owed America because of bought supplies.11 America could then use their money to buy more supplies and “out-gun” the enemies; helping the Allies financially and industrially. They also were a critical role in the Second Battle of Marne which was the last German offensive play in the war.8 America had sent fresh troops to help the Allies against the tired and exhausted French, British and German troops.11 Had America not joined the Allies the result of World War 1 might have been different from what it
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