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A New Battlefront
“Pain is a message that you don 't have to listen to.” – Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg
When it comes to the world at large, cancer is one thing that society loosely defines as soul-crushing. Though the cure for it is still being discovered, its malignancy can still be fought. One of the leaders in the battle against cancer is Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg. He is a hero and should be recognized as one because he helps in the fight against cancer, aids with young kids ' issues, and does not pursue his goals for personal gain.
Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg is determined to help in the fight against cancer. For example, the article “Rabbi Who Uses Martial Arts in Cancer Fight Wins CNN Hero Nod” reads " 'We use martial arts as a platform for meditation, ' Goldberg explained, 'and to allow children to gain these tools so that much of the fear, the anger and trauma that accompanies pain is tolerable. '" (Benaim 2). His quality of helpfulness is influential to the kids he works with, and aids them in coping with the difficult events of their lives, changing the way they approach issues. The rabbi is heroic in his ability to help and empathize young kids.
One of the reasons Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg is a hero is his helping of young kids. For instance, it is stated in the article “From
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Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg 's heroism is genuine because he receives no personal gain in his work. To exemplify this, the article “Rabbi With Black Belt In Karate Helping Sick Kids Fight Cancer!” states that "57 year old Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg, affectionately known by most as 'Rabbi G. ' is the founder of Kids Kicking Cancer, a not for profit organization" (Illuminate the World 3). He is truly altruistic as his organization is nonprofit and shows selflessness and humility. He does not expect to gain anything except for the satisfaction of his work, and this in its essence exhibits signs of a hero. The rabbi is heroic because of his traits and his personality, and simply who he is at
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