Rabbi Zevi Reflection

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This quarter I took Sinai Scholars at the University of California, Irvine with Rabbi Zevi. The class covered a variety of topics including: Marriage and Relationships, Torah, Mitzvot, Shabbat, and Mysticism. This class really sparked my interest when we were talking about Marriage and Relationships because it really connected to me in today 's modern world. I have always thought I would marry Jewish because I saw the struggles of my parents because my dad 's family is catholic. He converted for my mother and I always had great respect for that. They shared something that was special to them. After learning the section on relationships in the Jewish way, I learned that there is much more than what I personally thought. It made me analyze my own personal life and how I can change things. Rabbi Zevi used his own marriage to show to different values that him and his wife share. This was by far my favorite lesson because it is something that all college students are in the search for. Some of the other lessons were extremely interesting, but they did not holds as much importance in my life.…show more content…
The lesson about the tent and privacy laws, were applicable to modern day but it was more difficult to follow along the lesson and how each step evolved. It was hard to comprehend how the Torah 's laws could dictate which way I place my window in the house. Overall, this class was very interesting to me because it gave me a different perspective of how I look at Jewish topics and values. Although, I felt this class was rushed and we could not get through all the material. They should cut down the material so we could talk about the topics more in depths and have
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