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As I was acting as Jason, I analysed Jason’s characterisation and worked on the delivery of my lines so that I could best portray him as awkward but well-meaning teenage boy. I asked my uncle, who had watched the play before, how to act as Jason. “Just act normal,” he answered vaguely. While I was unsure about the meaning of his advice, I read the rest of the play and I realised that one of the major themes of Rabbit Hole is blame. Many characters feel at fault for Danny’s death, including Howie who left the fence unlocked and Jason, who drove the car that killed Danny. Jason thinks that he is ultimately culpable for Danny’s death, but I believe that the central message of the play is how no one is truly at fault for this accident. Thus, I…show more content…
I now appreciate the thought process behind a theatre production more greatly, as I realised that every factor in the production contributes to the overall performance with a symbolic purpose. I also gained a greater understanding in the purpose of theatre as an artistic medium. After watching the film adaptation of Rabbit Hole, I realised that the impact of the character 's emotions were dulled by the disconnect between audience and actor. As I acted as Jason however, I learnt that theatre is the best medium for growing a deeper connection between the cast and audience, thus allowing for poignant works about social issues or emotional experiences. Stories presented in the form of rama can be more affecting to the audience than other mediums due to live performers, thus paving the way for discussions on key themes or catalysing social…show more content…
For instance, my group mates suggested that I speak more clearly during the monologues instead of focusing on Jason uneasiness. As stagecraft is a collaborative process, we also discussed props and costumes, brainstorming ideas for costumes and props. One of the central themes in this production is how no one is truly at fault for an accident. Both Becca and Jason feel that they are to blame for Danny’s death, yet no one is culpable, as the car accident was a matter of fate and chance. This scene also highlights the difficulty to managing grief and moving on, where anything said may be taken offensively or might trigger unhappy memories, as seen when Becca begins to cry when Jason recounts his prom night. Both Becca and Jason wish to meet each other to gain some closure, and they ultimately gain hope for the future. I believe that Rabbit Hole is a story about hope, as the concept of alternate universes gives Becca the optimism to move on. This project has given me insight into the intricacies of stagecraft and drama. I learnt that acting is similar to a difficult trapeze act. When acting as jason, I had to find the balance between making him relatable and awkward. Producing and expressing a play with our unique creative vision has truly been an wonderful

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