Rabbit-Proof Fence Relationships

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In the Rabbit Proof Fence, Phillip Noyce wanted us to think about the importance of family and the motivation it can give you to struggle through hardships. This motivation was crucial in getting the girls home which is why the bond between Molly and her mother is so essential. A more negative relationship in the film was between Mr. Neville and the girls. I think Noyce created this relationship to showcase the power of the white men over the indigenous people of Australia.

When Mr. Neville says “I’m authorising their [the girls] removal.” he is showing us the sense of ownership he feels over the girls. He controls the girls and has custody over them which enables hm and makes him thinks it’s okay to take them away from their family. Not only does he think he can own a group of people based on the colour of their skin but also clearly shows us that to him the aboriginal people were worth the same as animals. Phillip Noyce was trying to get us to think about the way a group of people can try to control another through force and the effect of these racist
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I now understand that the power Mr. Neville has over the girls helped to make him think it was okay to control them and treat them inhumanely. This negative relationship showcased the main ideas of cultural identity and superiority of classes that Noyce was trying to convey. While the idas the bond between Molly and her mother help us to understand are not as critical they are still important to the story and teach us about the strength of family. I have learnt through studying these relationships and the ideas they demonstrate that when you are treated unfairly or discriminated against having someone you love can help you get through your struggles, even motivate you to do something about it and stand up for
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