Rabbit Proof Fence Relationships

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Philip Noyce the Director of Rabbit Proof Fence uses complex character relationships to help us understand important ideas in the film Rabbit Proof Fence. One of the relationships is that of Mr Neville and Molly. This relationship helps us understand how power can affect cultural identity. Another issue we see in the film is courage. We see this represented in the relationship between Constable Riggs and Maud. These relationships and the issues they represent are used by Noyce for the purpose of educating white Australia about the past and helping them move onto the future.

An important relationship showcased in the film rabbit proof fence was between Mr Neville and Molly. This affiliation conveyed the idea that power can and often does affect
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This was highlighted in the relationship between Constable Riggs and Maud. A representation of this idea is shown in the use of a close-up of Mauds face showing the anger and grief she feels at the thought of having her children taken away. As well as seeing her emotions we see her physically protecting her children from being taken away by Constable Riggs. This shows that she is willing to fight for her family and take a stand against constable Riggs, who is representing the Australian government in this relationship. Another example of this idea is the two shot of Maud and the Grandmother which features the use of a spear. The spear helps to represent family, and the courage that family gave Maud and the Grandmother to stand up to constable Riggs motivated by the thoughts of seeing their children again. The hostile relationship between Constable Riggs and Maud is comparable to the white settlers and the indigenous people of Australia. It shows not only the courage shown by aboriginals throughout the ordeal as well as the very slow change in power between all races as not only aboriginals but any culture or race that was once at a disadvantage starts to regain equality and show courage every day in a sometimes cruel society.

Studying the film, Rabbit Proof Fence helped me learn about how ideas are conveyed through character relationships and film techniques. By
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