Tale Of The Rabbit And The Thief Analysis

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SHORT STORY ASSIGNMENT – 06092015-01 Title: The Tale Of The Rabbit And The Thief - Short Bedtime Stories for Kids Description: A short fairytale about the moon and the rabbit. The story explains why the moon has marks on its face and why the rabbit’s eyes water if they stare at bright light. Keywords: The rabbit, thief, rabbit, moon, moon-man, online short stories for kids, short moral stories for kids, funny short stories for kids, kids world fun Text: The Tale of the Rabbit and the Thief Long time ago, the rabbit was regarded as a big hunter. He lived with his grandma in a cabin somewhere in the woods. It was winter and just like other hunters, the rabbit set traps and snares to catch other animals for food. He got number of such…show more content…
“I shall kill you and the entire rabbit tribe, if I am not set free,” threatened the moon. The rabbit was terrified to the point that he rushed back to inform his grandma about his strange and interesting prisoner. Although a wise, old rabbit, she too got afraid when she heard her grandson’s tale. She advised her grandson, “Go quickly to the spot and release your prisoner at once, or all the rabbits will be in danger.” The rabbit returned, and told the moon man, “I will set you free, but there is one condition.” The moon man was angry, yet asked the rabbit, “Tell me what you want, you silly animal.” The rabbit told the moon-man, “Promise me that you shall never return and steal from my traps.” “There is one more precondition,” said the rabbit. “Be quick with it, you stupid animal,” said the moon-man. “Promise me that you will never return to earth,” asked the rabbit. The moon-man agreed to both the conditions. The rabbit could scarcely see in the amazing light, in spite of which he somehow chewed through the bowstring and set the moon-man free. The moon soon disappeared, leaving a flash of light behind
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