Rabbits And Guinea Pigs Similarities

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Domestic rabbits and guinea pigs are indoor pets all over the world. While some people prefer to own a rabbit, other people may prefer a guinea pig. The reason being is because of the differences of the two animals. While there are some differences in the two animals, there are also similarities. There are many aspects that are similar and different between the two animals. The first aspect is the diet in rabbits and guinea pigs. The second aspect is the environment the rabbit and guinea pig live in. The third aspect is the differences and similarities of the animal’s behavior. The last aspect is the physical appearance of the two animals. The diet in rabbits and guinea pigs are similar and different. The big difference in this aspect is…show more content…
The difference in the environment of a rabbit and guinea pig is the bedding throughout the cage. Rabbits can have woodchips as their bedding, while guinea pigs cannot. The reason guinea pigs can’t have wood bedding is because it irritates their eyes. Guinea pigs need to have a fleece blanket or towel as their bedding. While rabbits can dig a hole, the cages for them have to be burrow proof. Guinea pigs cannot dig into the ground, therefore there does not need to be any extra precautions. Another difference is that while rabbits can be kept outside, guinea pigs cannot. Rabbits react to the outside weather much better than a guinea pig. The reason being is because guinea pigs don’t have the fur to keep comfort in the outside weather. While there may be some differences, there are similarities in both environments as well. The first similarity is that both of the animals need a big cage in their environment. Rabbits and guinea pigs both need space to move around happily. If the animals don’t have space to move around, then it could cause the animal to go into depression or get overweight. The second similarity is that both of the animals need wood toys in their cage to chew on. Rabbits and guinea pigs both need wood to chew on or their teeth could end up growing…show more content…
The main difference in both of the animals is the ears. Rabbits have long, straight ears, while guinea pigs have short ears. The ears that rabbits have allow rabbits to hear better then guinea pigs. The second difference is rabbit’s have a thick coat of fur, while guinea pigs have hair. Rabbit’s fur is thick and coarse, and is needed for being outside. Guinea pigs have a silky coat of hair that’s not intended for the outdoors. The third difference in the animal’s appearance is the tail. Rabbits have cottontails, while guinea pigs don’t have a tail. The last difference is the size of both of the animals. Rabbits tend to grow bigger than guinea pigs and weigh more. While the appearance of a rabbit and guinea pig may mostly be different, they do share some similarities. Rabbits and guinea pigs both have whiskers. The whiskers for both rabbits and guinea pigs serve the same purpose. Whiskers are long hairs around the nose that have nerves imbedded inside them that send messages to the brain. There are many similarities and differences to rabbits and guinea pigs. People don’t realize how much different the two animals actually are. The aspects of all these differences and similarities need to be considered before choosing which animal to purchase as an indoor pet. Guinea pigs and rabbits aren’t just different in ways, but they are completely different species. Guinea pigs are rodents, while
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