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Rabi Dan Gordon is a Jewish Rabi who teaches at Temple Beth Torah in Houston. He educated me on many practices of Judaism. He showed me a copy of the Ten Commandments in the Torah. An interesting fact is the Hebrew language is read right to left, unlike in the English language. He told me about how the Jewish Religion only acknowledges the Old Testament of the Bible. The Jews also view the Talmud as sacred. The Talmud is another set of rules established like a fence around the Commands in the Old Testament. The way he explained it was the Old Testament order that a calf should not be boiled in its mother’s milk. The Talmud increases the rule by not allowing meat and dairy products to be consumed together in the same meal. Devote Jews have different…show more content…
This means not creating anything or destructing anything. To the extent of not turning on light, or cooking, or driving. The reason for following the laws is to show devotion to God. There are more devote Jews then others. This all based on how they interoperate the law. Some observe certain customs that others do not. Rabi Gordon used the example of he observed the dietary and cooking rituals, but he will drive on the Sabbath. Others are not as strict on diet, but with not drive on the Sabbath. During the conversation we were joined by three other people. Two of them were students and the other was a Muslim presenter. A Jew, a Muslim, a Christian and a Methodist all sitting at the same table having a civil religious conversation. It was amazing! A lady at the table asked about the religion and dating because he mention his wife had been divorced before they were married. He answered divorce is acceptable. In courting the bride’s parents must pay the groom a dowry for the purpose of him to take care of her. The four requirements he must for fill are providing Food, clothing, shelter and marital relations. The man is obligated to raise children, but the women is

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