Rabindranath Tagore Short Story

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The stories by Rabindranath Tagore in this particular collection “Mashi and other stories” are very short, simple and deals with the issues the ordinary people go through in their everyday life. Rabindranath Tagore began his career in short stories when he was around sixteen years old with “Bhikharini” (The beggar woman). Tagore generally beheld the lives of poor and the common people of India. Hence we can see that all his works are mainly associated towards the poor section and the ordinary people of India. Tagore thus took to examining the lives of the common folks with a penetrative depth and feeling that was singular in Indian literature up to that point. In particular, stories such as "Kabuliwallah" (The Fruitseller from Kabul) "Kshudita Pashan" (The Hungry Stones), and "Atithi" (The Runaway) the main focus was on the downtrodden or the oppressed sections of the society. Tagore has also questioned the most popular theme like the Hindu Marriage in works such as “Haimanti”. In this story he talks about the plight of the married bengali women and their life after their marriage and the various hypocrisies of the Indian Middle Class. This particular story talks about how Haimanti, a sensitive young middle class woman is obliged to, due to her selflessness and free spirit, sacrifice her life. Tagore directly questions the Hindu custom of glorifying Sita jumping into the fire as a means of soothing her husband Rama’s doubts. With regard to the above
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