Without Fear Poem

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Register to read the introduction…The poem has no patterns or rhymes thus Tagore was credited for having formed this completely different style of composing poems, called prose poems, which was never thought of before. ‘Where the mind is without fear’, consisted of eleven lines which somewhat mirrors the style in which a sonnet is written. In a sonnet, the first eight lines generally exhibit an idea or a problem .Whereas if we look at the first eight lines of the ‘Where the Mind Is without Fear’, no idea is proposed but the poet makes a prayer in the first eight lines, and it does present an idea.
The poem has a repetition of the word ‘Where’ which denotes a place; but it is not revealed then. The readers come to know about that place in the last lines of the poem. The place has been described as a place in the last line of the poem. The place has been described occupied with positive attributes, such as courage, knowledge, truth, unity; moral excellence etc. in the end, the poet unfolds the place as ‘that heaven of freedom’ and prays to God to accord his homeland to overreach
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The 21st centaury India is so different from what it was 67 years back and the past looks like a faded picture kept between the pages of an old dusty book.
Today India is the fastest growing nation in the world. It is the world’s largest democracy, where every citizen has the right to vote and each vote has equal value. The most important aspect that makes us proud is the number of youth in our country making India rank one in terms of youth population. As it is said that youth is the future of nation so do we believe in ourselves and believe in our inner strength to make India proud. Though we have provided resources to the youth however it cannot be neglected that there is a need to provide more opportunities to many and the idea of development should benefit a large number of people.
We have fastest growing market promoting globalization and what not. India is no more less than any nation in the world and in the coming years the entire picture would be changed. We would be more advanced and developed. Most important with the emerging globalization more people would become

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