Rabindranath Tagore's Philosophy Of Rabindranath Tagore

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India is a nation that is known all around for it’s unique cultural and heritage and it is one of the few nations to be so diverse in culture yet so united in its people. I as a citizen of India, am extremely proud to uphold our traditional and cultural value and represent our prosperous nation in countries all around the world. Rabindranath Tagore has been a philosopher I have looked up to ever since I was a child and his philosophies on life and education have inspired me to live a life that I will be proud of. Tagore is a founder of our nation and he harnessed the Indian power during our freedom struggle and funneled them, along with Mahatma Gandhi, to achieve the ultimate right of freedom. Tagore has shaped the modern Indian through his philosophy on teaching and I, like many other young Indians, have benefited from his teachings and plan to carry and teach his philosophies and ideals to the generations to come.

Tagore idealistic views have influenced me to find the ultimate truth which will liberate me from this perpetual cycle of life and death. Tagore’s idea that the world is place of truth and illusions elicit me to open my eyes to the truth and the shun away the illusions that might taint the truth. I have lived by this philosophy as I am in the continuous quest to acquire the truth and to live life every day at a time while learning something new everyday. Tagore believed that a man is born with an enormous yet limitless amount force and this force is manifested
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