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We at Raccoon Marketing are a full service digital and physical media marketing firm. We would love to say we are magicians, but were not. What has allowed us to succeed is applying best practices combined with a proven delivery model and reporting. We understand that you are busy running your business. Our commitment is to understand your business, agree on your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), understand your prospects mindset and build a plan to make your Internet presence the best it can be. We work with businesses around the world since our company’s inception in 1976 and we’re headquartered in San Diego, California.
I am Gustavo Conde a founder and Raccoon Marketing Representative. It has come to our attention that your cold calling
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Its crucial that both past and new customers remember Indian Head construction trailer rentals and sales. To build your online presence, in process really focus on the benefits of rentals options and services and answer all possible doubts and question your customer’s have about your services. Your best customers are your past customers; they are three times as likely to buy from you than a new client and keeping them happy creates company loyalty. Your service must speak to your client needs and companies are adopting the customer competition instead of competing with other companies. Customer competition is about self improvement in the eyes of the customer, competing against last year sales, competing about getting 5 star reviews to the 4.7 stars of last year. By marketing your solution to customers differently to their needs can get their checkbooks ready and pens to sign the contract. This can be done by establishing what their problem is, then begin introducing your product and service as the solution to this problem. By accentuating precisely how your items and administrations will take care of your customer's issues. We got the expertise in marketing to customers and you’re guaranteed to see a boost in sales. The objectives want to achieve for Indian Head Offices are to complete the marketing strategy and schedule within 30 days, increase the number of unique visitors to your website by 10% within 90 days of the campaign launch, work on branding your trailers at construction sites, create a mailing list of the top 30 construction sites of each state of the United States while at the same building relationships, research your customers need to cater the marketing campaign to your client needs and expectations and streamline your website users experience. We can plan, execute and provide analysis for the results in a 120 days’

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