Decirée's Baby Kate Chopin Analysis

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Kate Chopin is the author of “Désirée’s Baby.” Chopin was born in St. Louis, Missouri but later on in life she moved to New Orleans, Louisiana. Chopin was raised by her mother only after her father passed away. Once she left Louisiana and moved back to Missouri, she started to write some stories about people she knew back in Louisiana. This particular narrative she wrote focused on the importance of race and how it can impact people’s lives. The significance of ethnicity has always been a popular issue. This story would be found interesting for those who can either relate to it, or for those who like reading stories that involve ethnicity. Most people do not realize there could be bad consequences when misjudging others because of their race.…show more content…
Recently, ethnicity has been a bigger issue and concern. I 've noticed that since early 2017 and 2018, the ethnicity of people has been a big concern in the United States. Since Donald Trump’s presidency, the wrongful misjudgment of certain races has been more apparent and has become a serious issue. Like in Chopin’s narrative, people around the world judge others based on their ethnic background without knowing the facts. Currently, people will start distancing themselves if they do not like what race you are. In Chopin’s story, Armand “absented himself from home; and when there, avoided [Désirée’s] presence and that of her child, without excuse”(904). Because Armand grew up thinking being black was a disgrace, his first instinct was to hate Désirée and leave her because his family name would be ruined. Armand has had a negative image on the black race all his life, not knowing he was part of it. He quickly judged Désirée harshly only because he refused to let go of that bad image. In a like manner, Trump has undervalued hispanics ever since he became president. He has labeled Mexicans as rapists and drug dealers who only cause trouble. There are other races who commit the same acts, yet he did not mention them because their skin color is not dark. Trump ruthlessly judged an entire race based on their ethnicity, he refused to see the good and only focused on the negative.
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