Race And Ethnicity In Jeannie Baroga Essay

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The aim of this thesis entitled “Race and Ethnicity in Jeannie Barroga’s Selected Plays” is not only to trace, but also to examine the causes and the results of the use of race and ethnicity in the literary creation of Jeannie Barroga’s Selected Plays. Although the previous writings, papers, studies and even theses have critically analyzed and examined the artistic works that this Asian American writer made, there were no important efforts, neither to define nor to study the conception of race and ethnicity in Jeannie Barrogas’ works.

1.2. Race and Ethnicity
Ethnicity indicates particular groups of people that share some typical heritage, folklore, language or dialogue. Nations were built up in states
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These points of connection allow individuals to make sense of the world around them and to find pride in which they are. If, however, positive ethnic group messages and support are not apparent or available to counteract negative public messages, a particular individual is likely to feel shame or disconnection toward their own cultural values, behaviors, beliefs, and traditions. Ethnic and racial identity models provide a theoretical structure for understanding individuals ' negotiation of their own and other cultures.

Throughout the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, people used different terms to explain racial differences. The classification shown below was used for well over a hundred years. The classification lacks any obvious logic and defies scientific precepts. Two of the words/ Mongoloid and Caucasoid have linguistic bases that refer to geographic areas. But the last word/ Negroid/ refers to color. ``These were not based on genetic differences, but rather on European and European American stereotypes of cultural differences of physiological characteristics.`` "Whiteness Studies: The New History of Race in America"

In 1866, Frederick Farrar lectured on the ``Aptitude of Races`` which he divided into 3
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