Stereotypes In The Movie Crash

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The world we live in is filled with many types of people, the cultured, the racists, everyone has a unique perspective on the world and the people who reside. Crash touches upon the racist aspect of all types of people and how they all interact towards each other; the movie gives perspectives of each major race in the film. Crash represented the view of each race as stereotypical, I feel that they represented them the way the majority of our society would look at them. White people would be cautious when seeing a black man walking in a street even if the street is brightly lit and other white people are around the area. I understand the reason of their worrisome because this is how black people are portrayed in our community, as stealing good for nothing drug dealers. I don't believe that all black people are like this and I don't believe that only black people are the only people who would be awful enough to do this. By reading the news you can find reports that say that more white people have been caught with drug…show more content…
This makes the stereotypes more believable as years go by, even if these stereotypes are partly true it does not mean that every single one of them is the exact same. A personal example of this is when my grandmother was talked to like a child because by an employee at a restaurant even though she speaks English adequately. This was humiliating to her because she could speak English but just by her appearance, they assumed that she did not understand the English language. Another example is my Aunt’s coworker, she was treated poorly by white bystanders at the mall because she was black. They assumed that she was a good for nothing crook that wanted to pickpocket them while she walked next to
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