Race And Racism

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In todays time race is a touchy topic in the United States as a whole. When people are asked about race and racism, everybody says that it does not exist in the developed country like the United States. That’s were they are wrong and are probably down playing the situation. Race and racism is a major part of America that affects everybody and everything. Some people think that race is connected to biology, probably those people have not read about biology or the history of race. Race is connected to the differences of power, and not to biology. Throughout the young history of the United States there have been many examples of racial categorizations. First off the one-drop rule was a social and legal principle of racial categorization. The …show more content…

Even if they person was light skinned but had a drop of black blood their social statues would not be the same as that to a white person with not drop of black blood. This definition emerged from the American South to become the nation 's definition, generally accepted by whites and blacks. Blacks had no other choice but to accept the fact. Another example that we do today still has Americans and others around the world, as soon as we see a person that dark skinned we consider them to be black. For example Brazilians that live in Brazil are all sorts of different skin colors. The people of Brazil might not consider a person that we might consider to be black the same way because there is another group that is even darker than that person. Overall from today’s society and culture we judge people to quickly base on their color of skin. We have to realize that we are all human and that we are all the same inside. Now that we looked at race and its different categorizations, next we will see how race impacts the Unites States census.
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They could choose more than one racial category. There was many positive and negative feedback about these options. First off looking at the negatives people thought why fill out the federal government just want to divide multiracial people. This was however not the case of allowing people to choose more than one racial category. The federal government wanted people to have the satisfaction of checking all of your heritages. This was a good idea because since the United States is a melting pot full of different cultures and people, it can show everybody how many different people there

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