Race And Racism Theory: Critical Race Theory

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Critical Race Theory Race has always been a problem America and other countries. But developments such as Critical Race Theory also known as (CRT) has helped challenge race and racial power and its representation in American society. Articles such as Critical Race Theory: An Introduction by Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic; White Privilege, Color, and Crime: A Personal Account by Peggy McIntosh have helped critical race theory develop further. Along with the documentary White Like Me by filmmaker Tim Wise. These articles and film explore the race and racism in United States along with critical race theory. In this paper, I will be critiquing these articles and films in order to evaluate the purpose for these readings and how they have helped…show more content…
The article Critical Race Theory: An Introduction did a great job explaining in detail what critical race theory was. Offering Jean Harris personal experience, made the reader understand the limited amount of minority readings. Although it lacked information concerning the relationship CRT had to other previous movements and philosophers. Aside from this, the article did fulfill its purpose of informing readers of the origins of CRT and how it was a stepping stone for future developments and movements. The article WHITE PRIVILEGE, COLOR AND CRIME: A PERSONAL ACCOUNT, is an important article concerning whiteness. But it did lack the experiences of others such as white males and male African Americans. The information is only restricted to white females and female African Americans. Despite this evaluation, the article did a great in describing what white privilege was and offer activism to combat this bad race relations. Lastly, the documentary White Like Me, was very informative. I believe the filmmaker provided in detail with numbers and statistics of his information offered. Which made it easier for the viewer to understand the bills and acts mentioned. Also, by adding the input of various guest, the viewer got different opinions, explanations, and point of views from multiple people. This documentary was great at achieving is purpose of opening…show more content…
Myself as a Mexican-American I do see the invisible privileges whites have over minorities. I also see how these privileges affect people of other races daily. My prior knowledge and experience is due to the many courses I’ve taken that has opened my conscious on the many ways of oppression. Although I do have previous knowledge, I know many other don’t. Therefore, there are some opinions/contributions I have concerning the information these sources have provided. The first article Critical Race Theory, could elaborate more on how exactly CRT was influenced by other philosophers and previous moments. This can help the reader further understand the important ideas CRT got from others. Additionally, Peggy McIntosh’s article lacked the male prospective in her 46 conditions. By providing male experiences, it would offer the reader further understanding of how white privilege affects the male and female African Americans and whites. To understand white privilege, one needs to understand and hear every parties point of view and experience. These are the critical opinions I have, in order to provide a better source of information for readers to understand CRT and

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